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Kunming Yunan Conference Hotel Profile
Yunan conference hotel is a wholly owned enterprise owned by Yunan Group. It is the executive chairman of the Alliance of China Conference Hotels, China's best conference hotel, China green hotel, and Chinese restaurant. Hotel is located in kunming city in beautiful scenery scenic area - at the foot of Xishan "sleeping beauty", 8 km away from kunming city center and railway station, airport 38 kilometers, high-speed 36 kilometers, metro line 3, 900 meters, Traffic is very convenient.
YunAn will set is the conference reception, product display, recreation, accommodation catering for the integration of the garden hotel, has 1077 standard rooms, 4 restaurants, 6000 seats, including Muslim restaurant, with 36 size meeting rooms can accommodate 6000 people all kinds of meetings, the largest conference room area of 2200 square meters, 12 meters high, no pillar can split to use. The hotel enjoys the reputation of meeting capital, leisure capital, hot spring capital and banquet.
Add:Majie Intersection Xishan District Kunming Yunnan, China
Tel:86-0871-68171666  86-0871-68172996

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